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Facebook Starter Kit
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Author: Dominic Watson (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Admins: Monte Chan
Last Updated: September 23, 2008 6:01 PM
Version: 2.01
Views: 76,164
Downloads: 5,382
License: Apache License, Version 2


This kit gives you a 'hello world' template for building ColdFusion applications for Facebook. It is very much a barebones project, enabling you to easily modify and add to it and use it in the way you like to build ColdFusion applications. This is deliberate; its purpose it to get you passed the first hurdle of dealing with facebook, leaving the application framework design up to you.

This current release (2.01) is a lightning response to a dramatic change in the way Facebook handles application authorization and I hope to release a fuller version with more in-depth instructions very soon.

To get started, I recommend:

1. Create a new app with facebook through their developer application: http://www.new.facebook.com/developers. Help with this is coming very soon but hopefully it will be self-explanatory.

2. Unpack the facebook starter zip file to your webserver so that its root url is the Canvas Page URL you entered when creating your app with facebook

3. Visit your callback url (ie. myserver.com/myfbapp/. You should see a 'Not authorized' error because the request is not coming through facebook.

4. Visit your canvas url. You should see a hello world app!

From there, I recommend you step through the application logic starting with application.cfc. I've kept things simple to make learning what is going on as easy and painless as possible.

If you run into problems, please post in the forums here.

Change log:

1.1 -> 2.01
* Using application.cfc and renamed files.
* Updated flow to work with the new Facebook application authorization system (almost complete overhaul).
* Interim update before more thorough changes are made

1.01 -> 1.1

* Added some more facebook specific methods and better encapsulation to the facebook 'client' component

* Code tidying & minimilisation

1.0 -> 1.01

* Renamed application.cfm to Application.cfm


ColdFusion MX+
Facebook account with developer application

Issue Tracker:

4 Not authorized on both canvas url and canvas page Open 07/31/12 5:54 AM
3 Incompatible with Railo 3.1 Open 06/18/10 6:04 PM
2 cfhttpparam name values Open 02/19/10 2:33 PM
1 CFHTTPARAM Open 01/02/09 1:54 PM

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