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Facebook Starter Kit Issue: cfhttpparam name values

Name: cfhttpparam name values
ID: 2
Project: Facebook Starter Kit
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Drew Hinderhofer
Created: 02/19/10 1:49 PM
Updated: 02/19/10 2:33 PM
Description: The name values for the cfhttpparams in the methods callMethodPost and callMethodGet are not forcing the name values to lower case. Should the method be called with arguments that are not all lower case, then the signature validation fails at the facebook rest server. Below is the code that I am using to fix this issue.

<cfhttpparam name="#lcase(key)#" value="#arguments.params[key]#" type="url" />
History: Created by Hinde (Drew Hinderhofer) : 02/19/10 1:49 PM

Comment by DominicWatson (Dominic Watson) : 02/19/10 2:33 PM
I believe this to be fuzzy logic. Should facebook introduce a parameter with mixed case, however unlikely, the code will be broken.

Instead, when preparing the arguments to send to the callMethodPost/Get() functions, you should do like:

<cfset arg['somearg'] = 'some value' />

CF will then honour the case you give it.


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